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The Daily Shuffle for 7/21/20- KNIGHT OF WANDS

Son/knight of Wands

Intuitive tarot reading
daily shuffle-Knight of wands | Sacra Flora

Wow so much knight energy lately! That's great, knights are full of action and in this case fiery passion.

This character is smart, charming, passionate, and loves to travel! Sounding pretty good eh?

Well he does has a bit of a temper, and might be the one in a group to start a fight. Getting a bit over confident and lippy.

So what does that mean for us?

Well, this could be you or someone you know.

Expect invitations when knights show up, the #knightofwands is a double fire sign sooo....some hot romance could be headed your way 🔥

Or maybe you'll get the chance to travel somewhere inspiring (keeping up with social distancing of course) or hear from a colleague who initiates fiery debate. With Knights there is always a risk at being too forward or direct. Knight energy wants to make happen, they are the doers of the court cards. Often times especially with the Knight of Wands, this directness can be overwhelming or too confident. Be wary of this today in yourself, and be patient with people who show these qualities. There's always a chance for an argument

Whatever aspect of this Knight you relate to, don't make hasty decision. If you can harness his insatiable energy then it will be a great ally indeed.

Lots of Love



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