Hello dear seeker,

My name is Sara, and I'm an intuitive tarot reader, certified coach, and crystal healer.   

Welcome to my Intuitive offerings.

I am a compassionate reader who focuses is on approaching the tarot as a tool for self discovery and healing. I cater to those seeking more meaning in their lives and how to connect with spirit in simple but profound ways. Through Tarot's symbols, we are able to identify pattern in our lives and decipher messages the universe holds for us.  It is such a beautiful tool for self discovery, by using it we are able to get insight into difficult situations, and help us to create a plan for one's future. 

Book your intuitive tarot reading online with me today, or get in touch for your personalized coaching session using the arcane wisdom of the tarot. By booking a tarot reading with me, you can sit in the comfort of your home and enjoy all the same insightful power of a tarot reading in person.  I intuitively connect to your guides and help bring through any messages that are of importance to you at the time of the reading.

All appointments include a complimentary email copy of your reading for your convenience.