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Hello dear seeker,

My name is Sara, and I'm an intuitive psychic, tarot reader, certified coach, and crystal healer.   

Welcome to my Intuitive offerings.

Tarot is a tool for the soul, a way to access our highest good. The knowledge of how to use the messages from symbols around us in our lives can be life changing.  Cartomancy can be used as a tool for self-empowerment and personal development.

The aim as your reader, is to help you create and enjoy a more meaningful, balanced higher quality of life. 

My approach to your divination session, is with complete confidentiality and compassion.  The space we will create for you will be warm and inviting, a safe space for any heart healing that may occur.  I intuitively connect to your guides and help bring through any messages that are of importance to you at the time of the reading.

Intuitive Tarot
  • For advice on a specific direction, path or goal.

    45 min
    111 Canadian dollars
  • A quick and clear answer to your question.

    30 min
    85 Canadian dollars
  • Explore any inquiry with this 10 card reading, and see what's coming.

    1 hr
    111 Canadian dollars
  • A reflection on your soul's journey.

    1 hr
    111 Canadian dollars
  • Giving you a month by month view of the year ahead.

    45 min
    99 Canadian dollars
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