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Looking for an alternative florist for your witchy, goth, or rock n roll wedding? 
We do fresh florals as well! 
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Florals: Service
Bouquet of Flowers

As an artistic Floral Designer of 20 years, I love to bring joy and inspiration to client's homes and events. Florals have such an amazing way of uplifting our spirits and connecting us to Mother Earth. The addition of plant life into your home is a simple way to make a big difference in your day.  They have the power to relax us, to inspire and to comfort the soul.

Plants and Flowers, have deep healing wisdom for us that lies even in the most common house plants.  Having them around us is a direct link to a sacred Earth energy.  Through Plant Spirit Wisdom and Floral therapy, my design approach opens the essence of the plant or flower in order to access it's sacred healing.

I am always conscious of plastics and the effects they have on our planet,  using minimal plastic materials in my packaging and gift wrapping when possible. Recycling materials when possible.


1 percent of all purchases go to the World Wildlife Fund of Canada.  

I clean everything from contamination physically and energetically due to COVID-19 

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