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Accepting Help From Others

Today’s collective insights we have:

7 of Pentacles as our main card

3 of Pentacles as our shadow card.

Today is about hard work. The 7 is an indication that we are focused on work and all the details that need our attention. It’s a great example of how hard work will get you places. But that you may need to start with the little details and work your way up to the bigger tasks.

The 7 of Pentacles is all about perfecting or tweeting our goals and putting our ideas to work. Starting at the bottom and working our way to the top. Sometimes this indicates an apprenticeship, or start of a project or creative field that we are still learning about. This shouldn’t be a deterrent, everyone is an apprentice at some point in their lives. We don’t become experts at something without first learning all the ins and outs of it, all the details needed to become well versed in the field. There is a lot of work ahead of us if we want to master our art.

Our shadow card, the 3 of Pentacles shows us that the key to getting where we want to be will require us to ask for, or accept assistance from others. This is sometimes hard to do! It’s hard to ask for help, or admit that you can’t do it alone. Or maybe you could, but it would take you much longer to reach your goals alone.

Most people have trouble asking for or admitting they need assistance. Or accepting it when it’s offered. Since the 3 of Pentacles shows up to support the 7 of Pentacles, this means that we must accept help in order to advance towards our goals.

The 3 is an excellent sign that through team work we can conquer great obstacles. That by uniting forces we will create great things. Knowledge through hard effort and great discipline are accessible today and in the coming weeks. Cooperation with others is necessary in order to advance in our personal quests.

Together these cards indicate money, advancement, growth, perseverance and hard work. There also might be a risk worth taking today, especially if it concerns group activities or money making ideas.

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