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Is Happiness a Choice?

Tarot reading, tarot cards

Do we feel defeated in our happiness or do we take control of it?

Today’s message is clear: leave feelings of defeat behind and take control of your happiness.

Our main card for the day is the 10 of Cups, signifying great happiness and emotional fulfillment.

It’s shadow card is the 5 of Swords

Its influence is the Chariot.

The 5 of Swords depicts defeat. In this particular card from the Wild Unknown Tarot, there is a sense of self defeat. Of causing our own mental anguish of some sort, most likely deriving for an argument or disagreement of some kind. You know what I mean, when we play a scenario over and over in our head: ”I should have said …”, or “ I should have done…” etc. etc. Over thinking what happened and how it could have been different. We trap ourselves in this thought pattern and end up causing more grief than the initial situation.

The 10 of Cups is a sign of great emotional abundance, it shows a happy home life and often appears when we have a lot to be grateful for in our personal lives. It also represents the end of a cycle. Possibly moving towards a new home situation or way of living. It is always a welcome card in readings and shows the epitome of happiness.

Sometimes we see happiness as unachievable or out of reach, something that is fleeting and far between. We put our happiness on others, and then feel frustrated when they cannot supply us with happiness. It is fully on ourselves to accomplish a state of mind that fosters happiness.

This is where the Chariot comes in, he is the sign of willpower, of direction, advancement, and control. He is in control of his emotions, this allows him to see his path clearly. He is very goal oriented, and his sights are fixed upon the prize. When he shows up in readings it is showing us that we have strong willpower to go after what we want, and that through control of our emotions and thought patterns we can reach our destination.