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Is Happiness a Choice?

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Do we feel defeated in our happiness or do we take control of it?

Today’s message is clear: leave feelings of defeat behind and take control of your happiness.

Our main card for the day is the 10 of Cups, signifying great happiness and emotional fulfillment.

It’s shadow card is the 5 of Swords

Its influence is the Chariot.

The 5 of Swords depicts defeat. In this particular card from the Wild Unknown Tarot, there is a sense of self defeat. Of causing our own mental anguish of some sort, most likely deriving for an argument or disagreement of some kind. You know what I mean, when we play a scenario over and over in our head: ”I should have said …”, or “ I should have done…” etc. etc. Over thinking what happened and how it could have been different. We trap ourselves in this thought pattern and end up causing more grief than the initial situation.

The 10 of Cups is a sign of great emotional abundance, it shows a happy home life and often appears when we have a lot to be grateful for in our personal lives. It also represents the end of a cycle. Possibly moving towards a new home situation or way of living. It is always a welcome card in readings and shows the epitome of happiness.

Sometimes we see happiness as unachievable or out of reach, something that is fleeting and far between. We put our happiness on others, and then feel frustrated when they cannot supply us with happiness. It is fully on ourselves to accomplish a state of mind that fosters happiness.

This is where the Chariot comes in, he is the sign of willpower, of direction, advancement, and control. He is in control of his emotions, this allows him to see his path clearly. He is very goal oriented, and his sights are fixed upon the prize. When he shows up in readings it is showing us that we have strong willpower to go after what we want, and that through control of our emotions and thought patterns we can reach our destination.

So here’s the tough question:

Is Happiness a choice?

This year has been tough. No one has escaped the hugely disruptive global crisis that is Covid 19. It has affected all of us.

Along with the drastic changes too many of our lives, this crisis is also forcing us to be with ourselves, alone. Isolation is maybe the biggest problem most people are faced with this year. Isolation from loved ones and family, from our jobs and colleagues, from society and our peers, from our daily routine and recreational activities.

We have never experienced anything like this in our lifetime before.

Although isolation is difficult, it is necessary for our growth. It forces us to get to know ourselves on a deeper level, if we depended upon others to make us happy, then isolation will be an ugly slap in the face. We will have no one to hold accountable but ourselves, no one to place our happiness upon. For some, it might be the only time they can truly know themselves, when the distraction of relationships are gone.

So I ask you this; is happiness a choice in these circumstances? Is there even a way to be happy with so much going on in the world, and in our inner world?

Some would say no, and accuse me of undermining their situation. Whether that may be loss of a job and income, loss of future plans, loss of freedom. Hopefully that loss does not refer to the literal loss of someone due to this horrible disease, in that case I humbly give my condolences and by no means refer to their situation as having a choice in their happiness. Grief is hard, and never easy.

I’m speaking of those who have had to give up work, or school, a wedding, an important trip, event or life achievement that was planned for 2020.

Now that it’s been a few months, and maybe you have adjusted somewhat to your new reality, are you happy? Do you choose to be happy despite the changes?

In my opinion, happiness is a choice.

(of course it’s not if you have suffered trauma or immense loss of some kind)

But most people have focused so hard on what they think they need to acquire to be happy, that they lose sight of what happiness represents.

We attract what we give out, and although I don’t want to sound cliche, I have to say that having the right mindset is very important. Having the WILLPOWER to take what life gives you and choose to be happy with it.

Societal conditioning is a bitch, and a lot of the problem comes from what we have been taught that happiness is. What we need to achieve in our lifetime to be considered successful, this is especially true for women and the struggles of gender roles and mixed messages that society demands from women. But of course it relates to everyone.

Think about what it is you were taught as a child that your life should be, are you there now? Have you reached X,Y or Z?

Now think about what it is that makes you feel happy, truly happy. Does it align with that you have been conditioned to feel?

This card combination is food for thought, can you move past the swords in your mind and picture what true happiness is for you?

Now take the reins of the Chariot and go get it.


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