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Taking comfort in Mother Nature

Today’s main card is the 6 of cups, followed by the Empress.

There is a wonderfully warm feeling from this card combination. The six of cups is taking comfort in nostalgia, reflecting on childhood memories and reconnecting with old friends. Someone from the past may reach out today, keep your heart open to this invitation.

There is a sense of kindness to this card as well, we see a little boy offering a cup of white flowers to the little girl. This is a gift from the heart. There is beauty and domestic harmony as well. The colour yellow dominates both of these cards, symbolizing happiness and inspiration. The gift of the white flower is tied to the Empress card; enjoyment of simple pleasures and nature.

The six also referred to a solid foundation of past efforts, we may be experiencing success from some past effort and are now able to take a minute and enjoy the simple pleasures this affords us.

The Empress is expansion, growth, fertility, abundance, and connection to nature. She is a sign that in the process of connecting to the natural world, our environment and nature, we open ourselves up to receiving many gifts. Often times we take the natural world for granted, the Empress is asking us to reconnect to Mother Earth. And through this connection we manifest abundance, success and happiness.

How do we connect to Earth and how does it enrich our live? Try to remember how it made you feel to have your hands in dirt as a child, or your bare feet on the grass. These simple pleasures help us to remember what it’s like to be a carefree child. Did you have a treehouse that you would spend all day in? Or maybe a fort you build amongst the bushes?

There is a strong indication of home, in these 2 cards. Returning to your mother’s house, letting her spoil you with your favourite home cooked meal. This can be metaphorical or literal, the comfort of Mother, wether it’s your literal mother or mother earth, can have a positive affect on us today

Maybe it’s as simple as buying a new house plant, or bouquet of flowers for your home. Remembering what it feels like to have plant life around you. Or taking a moment to call your mom, letting the chat fill you with warm fuzzy co