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Temptation VS. Willpower - 8/12/20

Some intense cards today! I love it when the darker cards in the deck show themselves, it given me the opportunity to explore Shadow and the more controversial themes that the Tarot often addresses.

Our main card is THE CHARIOT, it's influences are THE DEVIL and it's challenges are THE HIEROPHANT. All Major arcana cards, which indicates a lot happening on a spiritual and evolutionary level. When these cards show up (especially in numbers) it means that we must pay attention to our instincts, our conditioning, our life goals and our soul's journey.

This is a strong statement today because, these 3 particular cards are very powerful! Just look at the imagery, it is very charged with action and firey intents. Notice the flames on the Devil, the lightning on the Hierophant, and the Sun on the Chariot.

Ok but what do they mean?

Well to break it down simply:

The Chariot is ultimate will-power, often signifying a very driven and strong personality. In terms of the soul's journey s/he has mastered the exterior world, found their place in society and are about to embark on a spiritual quest for enlightenment. The Chariot is also about balance of opposites, of careful control.

The Devil is temptation, bondage and illusions. This powerful card has a bad reputation, and it's easy to see why. However the 'Devil' is a construct of religious society, he is not a literal figure or even supernatural power, he is many things and nothing all at once. But forget about the preconceived notions you have about the 'guy'. The Devil card in the Tarot represents being chained to our obsessions. Letting temptation get the best of us because it feels good in the moment, even if we know it will hurt us or has a negative influence. In fact, that is exactly what this card represents, that bizarre desire that arises in us for the bad, the hurtful, the toxic, because sometimes we feel we deserve it, or at least deserve nothing better.