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Making Right Decisions

It's the start of a new week, and new energy.

Lets see what the Tarot has for us today; 08/24/20.

Main Card: The 2 of Swords

Shadow Card: The Sun

The first thing we notice about these two cards is the bright red and yellow Sun on one, and a black Sun on the other.

Interesting 🧐

Well let's start with our main card, two swords are crossed seeming to block out the Sun. This cards traditional meaning implies hard decisions are needing to be made. And with this brings clouded judgement, blocking one's inspiration, heavy thoughts, and uncertainty, not seeing clearly.

These two swords (representing our thoughts) are heavy. Our mind is totally occupied with these two avenues in front of us that there is little room for anything else. We are consumed by deciding what to do next. And in the process we are blocking ourselves from seeing things clearly.

Our shadow card, the Sun, is quite the opposite. It marks great success, achievements, advancement, and coming into our own with confidence and conviction. When it shows up in a reading it means that the seeker has been through a lot, has learned a lot, and is now in a place of emerging from the darkness in the Moon card into the brilliance of the Sun. The ultimate re-birth, passing through the darkness of the soul and emerging a more rounded individual. In the Soul's Journey through the higher arcana of the Tarot, the Sun is revival, hope,inspiration and happiness. Feeling content and happy with where you are in your life, and ready to take on new challenges.