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Making Right Decisions

It's the start of a new week, and new energy.

Lets see what the Tarot has for us today; 08/24/20.

Main Card: The 2 of Swords

Shadow Card: The Sun

The first thing we notice about these two cards is the bright red and yellow Sun on one, and a black Sun on the other.

Interesting 🧐

Well let's start with our main card, two swords are crossed seeming to block out the Sun. This cards traditional meaning implies hard decisions are needing to be made. And with this brings clouded judgement, blocking one's inspiration, heavy thoughts, and uncertainty, not seeing clearly.

These two swords (representing our thoughts) are heavy. Our mind is totally occupied with these two avenues in front of us that there is little room for anything else. We are consumed by deciding what to do next. And in the process we are blocking ourselves from seeing things clearly.

Our shadow card, the Sun, is quite the opposite. It marks great success, achievements, advancement, and coming into our own with confidence and conviction. When it shows up in a reading it means that the seeker has been through a lot, has learned a lot, and is now in a place of emerging from the darkness in the Moon card into the brilliance of the Sun. The ultimate re-birth, passing through the darkness of the soul and emerging a more rounded individual. In the Soul's Journey through the higher arcana of the Tarot, the Sun is revival, hope,inspiration and happiness. Feeling content and happy with where you are in your life, and ready to take on new challenges.

So then, how do these cards work together?

Well, it's quite possible that whatever decisions we are facing at the moment will lead us into a new and exciting ways of living our lives. That by making that decision, we are able to claim our true identity. Being reborn in the process. There is a silver lining to the situation.

Another way to look at is would be that the decision we must make might require us to block our Sun, our inspiration, true self and ultimate happiness. Or that we must uncross our Swords/thought, put them down, and only then we will see clearly our true path. Perhaps by making this decisions it will reveal our Sun. Enabling us to shine and thrive.

And yet another possibility in this equation is the choice between blocking our creativity and joy by overthinking, over analyzing and obsessing over something. In doing so we are dimming our inner light, not allowing it to shine. Or we can choose to put those mental blocks (that we put up ourselves) down, and not let them have such influence over our state of mind.

This combination is say that we have the strength to make that tough decision. To put down those swords and move on with our lives. And in doing so we open ourselves up to happiness, freedom, and our true self. It's easy to get in a mental loop, but usually when we let this happen other areas of our life suffer, we block ourselves off from loved ones and being able to express ourselves. The thing to remember here is that we have the tools, we have the strength, and we have the insights we need to make right decisions.

Whatever decision or crossroads you are facing now will likely lead you to your true calling.

So before you go ahead and beat yourself up about it, step back and see the advantages of the situation. Embrace those decisions with grace.

Have a lovely week



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