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August 2020 -The start of Harvest Season ๐Ÿ

Happy August!

The days will start to get shorter and the nights longer....and as I write this sitting outside I can feel a chill to the air. Summer, please stay a little longer!

We ushered in the Full Corn moon on August 3-4th which also coincided with the Wiccan sabbat Lammas or the Celtic Pagan Lughnasadh; the celebration of the grain harvest. Which is the start of the cycle on the wheel of the year when the Green man starts to die and eventually gives way to the Oak and Holy King on the winter Solstice Yule.

Harvest season is my personal favorite, and same for many people who celebrate the turning of the wheel of the year. Colder nights, bright yellow leaves, pumpkins and candles and pie and all the cozy comforts. And of course the thinning of the veil, Samhain and the honour of the Dead.

July was a great month, full of progress and growth. But the portals that surrounded the Full Moon and other astrological occurrences left the whole atmosphere feeling tense and uneasy. Making things hard to focus, and easily distracted.

I was too distracted with my own thoughts that I totally missed celebrating a sabbat and full moon. ๐Ÿ˜ซ