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Florida Water, the spiritual sanitizer.

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Lately, it's been super important to keep your environment clean and disinfected now more than ever. And this includes spiritual cleanliness!!

With everything happening in the world, people are more and more on edge and in need of healthy and supportive lifestyle patterns. Many of us have adjusted our lives and daily routines to accommodate the fact that sanitation is of the upmost importance. And along with this comes the need for healthy practises to support our emotional wellbeing.

So,...what is Florida Water? Is it cologne? Is it some strange brew? What is it used for?

Well, since I discovered it a few years ago, it has become a STAPLE in my household. Within Voodoo, Santeria, and other nature-based faiths, Florida Water is used for cleansing and protecting oneself and one's space. It can be found at most Caribbean grocery stores, or ordered online and usually costs around $8 CAD. I buy mine from a shop in Kensington Market. It comes in soap form as well, and now is available as a hand sanitizer from select distributors. It can be made from scratch, if you prefer to infuse it with your own intentions.

Here is a link to a video tutorial on how to make your own:

My favourite way to use it is to mix it with my cleaning routine. I will add a splash to my mop water, pour some on a paper towel and wipe down a surface, or clean my hands with and wipe down my aura when I need an extra protective boost. It smells great, and is very refreshing. I find it extremely affective at removing any negative residue from an item or surface, and I use it often to clean my ritual tools and altar. It is very positively charged, and its cleansing energy can be easily felt.

Its spiritual uses are almost endless. It is a great tool to use to protect you and your space from negative energies and when doing a 'spring cleaning' or to incorporate into your daily or week