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Changes in your Crystal - What does it mean?

Have you ever noticed changes in your favourite crystal? Perhaps you pick it up after months of not touching it and notice a change in colour, or pattern within the crystal. And then you start questioning yourself if its an actual change, if it's something you never noticed before....are you imagining it?!

Chances are, it's not your imagination..

Changes in crystals can happen for a few reasons, and they can be subtle or drastic, depending upon the source of the change.

There are many crystals that can change when exposed to direct sunlight, which will cause the crystal to fade. This is a simple explanation and if you do have a citrine or amethyst that has suddenly lost its colour, it's possible that you have it in a spot where it gets regular exposure to sunlight. Many people believe that placing crystals in the sun will charge and cleanse them, and this is correct. However this should only be done for brief amounts of time, and only for certain types of crystals.

For example, charging your crystal in the sun infuses it with vibrant, energetic, masculine energy suitable for root, sacral, and solar plexus chakra stones. So it is appropriate for stones like carnelian, sunstone, tiger's eye, jasper, malachite, and obsidian. But should be avoided for stone that are connected to feminine energies, third eye and crown chakra stones, these should be charged under the Moon: celestite, selenite, amethyst, lapis lazuli, quartz crystal, aquamarine, and ametrine.

If your unsure whether or not to charge your crystal in the sun, I would suggest avoiding it. But a good rule of thumb is any crystal that is translucent or semi-transparent will fade in sunlight.

A common way in which a crystal changes is by turning black, or darkening. This can also be seen as the occurrence of black spots or specks within the crystal where there was none before. When this occurs, it is a sign that the crystal is overworked, or absorbing too much negative energy. Some people will notice a drastic change in their crystals like this if the crystal is being used by someone suffering from dis-ease, is exposed to a highly toxic (energetically as well as physically) environment or situation, and is not cleansed and cleaned properly or regularly.

Crystals absorb energy, as well as transmit it. So it is very important to keep your crystals clean and energetically cleanse them regularly. This is especially important if you are dealing with heavy energies. In that case, I would recommend using the sea salt and rosemary method, or burying your crystal. In both methods, I would leave the crystal undisturbed for at least 3 days.

If you would like to know how to properly clean your crystal see my post: Cleansing, Charging and Programming your crystal for a full list of methods.

One way I have noticed my crystals changing, is the appearance of rainbows inside the stone. If you notice this as well, it's a beautiful sign that you are making great progress on a spiritual level. It is also a sign that the crystal in which these rainbows are appearing, can be very beneficial to your happiness and overall well-being when worked with on a regular basis. Crystals that contain natural rainbows have powerful 7 chakra healing abilities, as well as the ability to link us the the etheric realms and divine consciousness. When they appear suddenly, you can expect to have these realms available to you more and more through practice and meditation.

You may also see changes in the colour of your crystal, or inclusions where there were none before. This is common for people who work with crystals on a regular basis. When you develop a bond with a crystal, energetically speaking, the stone will attune itself to your unique frequency. This can result in physical changes within the stone. Again, it is important to clean and charge our crystals regularly, and when you see obvious changes, it is a sign that the crystal has adapted itself to the purpose you gave it, or that it has raised it's vibratory level. I have personally noticed this if I have place a crystal on my skin for certain amount of time, allowing it to warm up to my body temperature. Or if I have been studying or practising a certain topic that relates to the crystals specific healing abilities.

Now of course a common reason for changes in a crystal is changes in temperature. Which does explain why a crystal might change colour when heated up to a certain point, like body temperature. Crystals come from the cold earth, and they respond to temperature changes. Even when a crystal is removed from the soil, it can still grow. Although this is usually such a slow process that we can't actually notice it.

If you see a change in your crystal, take note of the colour, location, and type of change. Think about what type of energies have been around you recently or what have you been working on. Do some research, if suddenly your amethyst has yellow or orange colouration where there was none before, think about what significance that colour has for you. Have you been doing specific chakra work lately? Does the colour coincide with that? Having a look at what mineral the inclusion could be inside your crystal can also have importance. Some crystals are known to have specific mineral inclusions based upon how they grow. If you suddenly notice the presence of a specific mineral, this can change the healing attributes of your stone, making it more powerful and unique.

On a final note, changes in your crystal is not the same as your crystal breaking. If you notice a crack in your stone but it hasn't exactly broken, then it still has a purpose and should not be discarded or put to rest, as in when a crystal breaks. This could signify intense energy, either from you or from your environment or situation. Consider practicing meditation and clearing our space using sage or singing bowls. And distancing yourself from any situation that may be harmful to your emotional wellbeing.

I hope you enjoyed this article!

If your interested in learning more about crystals and energy healing, see my other blog posts for more information.

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