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Seasons change; as within, so without

Do you change with the seasons?

I know I do.

As a Gemini Sun I sometimes get assumptions that I am either two faced, or split personality. This isn’t a fair assessment of Gemini traits, and it’s a bit insensitive.

But I will say there is some truth in double personas. Some of my biggest strength comes from my ability to see two sides of a situation, and my ability to embrace change. This also gives me two aesthetics and ways of presenting myself to the world.

As soon as the seasons change from summer to fall, I begin to shift my focus from light to dark.

When it’s summer, I am full of light. I take every opportunity to bask in the sun when I can. I enjoy bright colours, and like to wear things that compliment my blonde hair. I am bohemian and hippie in my style, and wear lots of flowing dresses. I listen to a lot of classic rock, and stoner metal. During the Summer months I tend to focus on fairy and plant magic, and I love to tend to my plants and see them grow.

When the cool air starts in the evenings, and the days get shorter leading up to the Fall Equinox, my whole aesthetic changes. I begin to shift my focus to the beauty in darkness. I am more productive in the evenings during the fall months, I start to wear only black or dark grey, with my black hat and scarves. My makeup changes from natural, to cat eye and bold lip. I start to listen to dark ambient music and atmospheric soundscapes. My magical practice starts to focus on ancestors, spirits, and the moon.

Autumn is my favourite season, probably because I love all the colours and coziness the season brings, along with my favourite occasion; Samhain / Halloween. I’m a big horror nerd to begin with so when October hits I watch pretty much only horror movies and shows. Going to fall markets is another one of my favourite things to do, and finding new haunted houses or mazes are super fun to do as well.

If you follow any of my social accounts you’ve probably noticed a change in aesthetic. My photos are much darker in colour that those I posted in June and July. And it’s a fine balance for me to keep my brand accessible to my followers, not everyone is comfortable with darkness.

Even though t