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8/11/20 - The Fool and the Sun

As I sit here writing this post, I can't help but notice how intensely the Fool gazes at the Sun. That's what's always so inspiring about the Tarot. It can have very obvious implications simply based on how the cards relate to each other, the imagery often gives us powerful signs based on the sequence of the visuals and how it tells a story.

These 3 cards have something to say, they jumped out at me while I shuffled. I always love when this happens, because it means that they need to be seen!

So let's break it down one by one:

6 of CUPS:

Nostalgia, gifts from the past, emotional fulfillment, childhood conditioning.

How was your childhood? What do you fondly remember most? This card indicates fond memories of the past, and a blossoming inner life. Traditionally the 6 of Cups can represent someone from your past appearing in your life again, or connecting to old friends and reminiscing of better days.

In the Dali Tarot, this meaning goes deeper. Here we see the rough image of a man's head, with the image of a bird and the children holding cups of flowers. This is asking us to remember our conditioning as a child, what were we taught? Do we still identify with those beliefs? Is the image in our head of our childhood simply a reconstruction of how we wanted it to be? What inspiration can we pull from memory into our daily lives?


New adventure, carefree, starting point.

The Fool is the beginning (or end) of a life cycle. He is not restrained by baggage or expectations. He is free of himself and of societal pressures. The Fool is the main character in the story the Tarot tells, he is the starting point of the soul's journey through the archetypes of the major arcana. When the Fools shows up it marks a great time in our lives, a time where we are free to do as we please. To boldly go wherever our heart takes us. Be aware of yourself, and your surroundings, do not to anything 'foolish'. But follow that dream, that new avenue of living your life. It will bring you great experiences and lessons to be learned.

The SUN:

Success, spiritual rebirth, return to your true self.

The Sun is always a great card to get in a reading, it signifies great success and achievement of goals. It is also a sign of spiritual rebirth, after going through hardships. The Fools has journeyed through the darkness of the soul and has found his/her place in society, after seeking spiritual redemption the soul is reborn, out of the garden of eden (our inner truth). Astrologically the Sun card coincides with Leo, as you can see depicted here with the image of a lion in the lower right hand corner. We are currently in the house of Leo, which is a great time to shine as our true selves and get noticed for the wonderful human beings we are! Embrace your inner and outer beauty, shine bright and true.

Together these cards indicate the start of a new chapter for us. A new and exciting journey towards our true self. Turn away from old ways of feeling, re-evaluate your youthful conditioning and look towards your future self. Dream big. This goes for us as a culture and society, there are methods of living that we need to leave in the past and look towards the possibilities the future brings.

What needs to be left in the past?

What lessons from your childhood no longer serve you?

What ideals do we hold for our future?

How can we leave the memories from our past in order to open ourselves up to the opportunities of the future?

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