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7/23/20 - Juggling GRIEF; a balancing act.

For today's daily shuffle we have:

Two of Pentacles

Eight of Cups

two of pentacles, eight of cups, intuitive tarot reading
Balancing Grief - a juggling act

What in your life needs to be left behind?

Is there some kind of baggage that's holding you back from carrying on with your day?

We ALL have baggage, that's a part of life. It's nothing to be ashamed of, but it is something that we need to deal with in order to live our lives to the fullest.

Today I pulled the 2 of Pentacles, a wonderful card that implies you have multiple tasks to tackle today, and you'll juggle and manage them accordingly. There is playfulness in this card, you'll probably get some joy out of the tasks at had and have fun in the process!

It is also implies juggling finances, today might be a day where you need to move some things around in order to support your growth. Things are happening, you are trying new things and getting places! You might venture off into unknown waters, and discover new things today.

So where does the GRIEF part come in?

Well, I decided to pull a shadow card to get more insight into the energies of the day and the 8 of Cups showed up. And as you can see from the imagery on the cards, it's a bit of a heavy energy. We see a man walking away from a pile of cups (symbolizing emotions). He is headed into what looks like a swamp, overlooked by a sad looking Moon.

This card symbolizes the need to walk away from people or situations that make us unhappy, and take the higher ground. Leaving those emotions and hurt feelings behind you. You may need to do some internal work, some shadow work as implied by the Moon. And although this is uncomfortable it is necessary for your happiness.

Sometimes people or situations don't require a response, sometime silence is enough. If you choose to engage with manipulative people they will have a significant impact on your happiness.

Now, I know I'm making it sound simple and it's not.

That's where juggling grief comes in.

These two cards combined gives us the message today that there is something below the surface that is bothering us and weighing us down, and whatever it is...we need to bring some balance into the situation. We need to be careful and aware enough not to be pulled back to those emotions, and instead process them in healthy doses.

Grief is something we can carry for DECADES, and everyone processes it differently.

Now I'm not telling you to "get over it and move on"....well, maybe I kinda am....

BUT what I really mean is don't get CONSUMED by grief and allow it to affect your daily tasks and routine. Make time to acknowledge what you feel, but them balance that feeling by doing something that makes you happy or feel accomplished. Could be as simple as cleaning the house, or going for a walk. Whatever it takes to get your mind off of it even if just for a few moments.

Prioritize your time AND your emotional happiness.

These cards combined say that by engaging in domestic matters and multitasking around your home and finances, you are able to process some unaddressed emotions. The simple act of working while you think or process some hurt feelings can help you move past them.

Keep busy and keep moving forward.



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