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7/14/2020- THE MOON and the Shadow of the Psyche

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Today for my Daily Shuffle, I pulled the Moon. One of the most popular cards in the deck, and it always gets a reaction when it comes up in a reading. And for good reason, many people feel a connection to the Moon and lunar cycles, especially women. It is the sign of the sacred feminine, the wild unknown and the shadow aspect of our being. While the Sun is assertive and life giving, the Moon is passive and still.

There has been a strange energy in the air recently, and it's been throwing a lot of people off including myself. And even though Mercury has gone direct, I still feel the lingering shadow. We are in eclipse season after all, and you don't need to know much about Astrology to feel the affects of the position of the planets. The Moon in particular has an influence on us, mostly when it is full, but in all aspects of its cycle its energy can be used to attract or dispel depending on its phase.

So what does the Moon card mean in the Tarot?

It is wild imagination, connection to our shadow and going deep into unknown territory in order to be reborn. There is a strong connection to our instincts, and a battle between domestication and living a wild and free existence. When we see the Moon in readings, it signifies that the seeker is in an advanced spiritual state, and with this comes tests from our subconscious mind.

Often there is a need to recognize our 'dark' side.

This doesn't imply evil, darkness has its place. And we must get to know our darkness, or shadow, in order to full integrate our ego in a healthy way. Otherwise known as Shadow Work, this process is used by coaches and therapists to help people clear blockages in their lives.

In the progression of the Soul's Journey along the path of the Major Arcana, the Moon is in the last row; the tests of the superconscious.

And without boring you with all the details of the chapters or stages in the Soul's Journey, I'll tell you that the last row is where things get really deep. This is the area of our life where we are now looking at what our place is in the universe, seeking answers on a deeper existential level. The Moon card is just a few steps away from the end of the journey; the World. This is when we need to look deep within, address any negative patterns or trains of thought and face the darkness of our soul.

Sounds scary, right?

It doesn't have to be.

Shadow work can be difficult and unpleasant, but it won't hurt us. No one likes to acknowledge the parts of themselves they have pushed aside for too long. The side of us that might seem dangerous. But there is value in knowing this side of ourselves. We are all Human, which means that we are closer to animals than we might wish to think. It is these animal instincts that need to be looked at, and instead of feeling shame for them, finding a HEALTHY ways to integrate those basic needs into our lives.

Most of the times it's a simple as looking at a negative pattern and figuring out where it's coming from. What part of our psyche made it and why? It is a response to something we learned at an early age? Why did it happen? How has it shaped us?

Another way to see the Moon in the Tarot is representing delusions and nightmares or the dream world. The Moon is highly connected to water and our intuition. A lot of people have a hard time listening or even hearing their intuition because they can't decipher if the message is coming from their gut, or from fear.

It's the fear that represents our shadow.

Be careful not to fall victim to the delusions put in place by our psyche, not wanting to acknowledge the truth. Sometimes it's easier to just assume we know something simply because it makes us feel better. But as cliche as it is...we need to go through darkness before we reach the light.

And in order to reach the brilliant light of the Sun, we must first face the deep reflective surface of the Moon.

Have a happy Tuesday, love. x


If you're interested in learning about how to use the Moon's cycles to better understand your shadow, contact me for your FULL MOON TAROT READING.

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