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7/13/2020 - THE FOOL

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Ah the Fool, look at him...about to fall off a cliff!!

He carries his soul in his satchel, magic feather in his cap, and loyal companion bitting at his feet.

Perched high on the cliffs, he is full of hope and ambition. He is the begging and end of the Major Arcana. This card represents the start of a new chapter, a new mission in life. The Fool has not yet learned about the world or how to navigate it, but he is eager to start his journey.

The bright yellow of the card represents mental clarity and creativity, he carries a wand, cleverly disguised as a walking stick thrown over his shoulder. He has the tools to succeed.

The Number zero indicates that he has not yet manifested, he will soon meet the Magician who will create his experience in the world. Then the high Priestess, Empress, Emperor And so on, down the twist and turns of Fool's Journey, back to where is all started; the World.

Today, we are being asked to stay hopeful. To keep optimistic and joyful about where our lives are headed. To some, this will be really tough. And that's ok, sometimes it takes practice to be positive.

The Fool marks the beginning of the Soul's Journey. The path that all of us are on in our quest for happiness, enlightenment, and divine love.

When the Fools shows up, he is signalling a fresh way to approach the world, without baggage and preconceptions. Approach new situations with enthusiasm, don't be afraid to take on a new challenge. But be careful not to forget common sense, the Fool can be foolish after all.

Happy travels x


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