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07/31/20 - The comfort of PLACE.

Well, it's been a few days since I've been on vacation in nature and today's collective draw definitely speaks to me and I hope you too.

We have the 6 of Pentacles, which jumped out at me while shuffling.

And the 9 of Pentacles.

It's a day focused on the home and the comforts it provides. Also of course nature, and the plentiful-ness it brings to our lives.

The six implies connecting to things and people who remind us of childhood ideals. In this deck it also shows growth, stemming from community, family, ancestors and the foundations of our early life. In some way, we are in a spot to either contribute too, or benefit from, others potential and roots.

Fostering a sense of place in the world is an interesting insight of these cards combined. Because the nine is all about material comfort, abundance and the luxuries we surround ourself with. This is pictured as a nest, our nest, that we fill with soft warm and nurturing item. We carefully acquire all the 'things' we think we need in order to live a beautiful and comfortable life. The nine of Pentacles is connected to the Empress of the higher arcana, both symbolizing living a lush existence. The six of Pentacles is connected to the Lovers, feeling love and divine guidance by connecting to another person.

Remember back to a place in your childhood, a literal environment that you felt especially nurtured in and protected. A place where you connected to the land, and you learned things from it that stuck with you even today.

Where was that place? Was it your first home? Your Grandmother's house? A backyard? Maybe even a field or forest or stream? A secret garden you played in?

Think about that place today, and remember how it made you feel.

What was it that

It is an excellent day to focus on your sense of 'place', and do the things that made you feel safe and nurtured. You might be feeling a bit isolated today, and that's ok. Get lost in your thoughts and daydreams of nostalgia, but remember to connects to those who love and support you from time to time. Call your parents, or siblings or best friend and see how they are doing. This is a good way to open the channel to your comfort of place.



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