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What to do when your Crystal breaks

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Ah man! my favorite crystal necklace just broke 😭

Naturally, I hate it when this happens, a piece from my collection breaks unexpectedly or in this case, jewelry. But this is actually a good sign!! And no I'm not just saying that...

How did it happen? Well, not extraordinarily I'm afraid....I dropped it while taking the necklace off...

And as a metaphysical practitioner this can be devastating! To have one of your tools break.

I wore this necklace and programmed it regularly to help clear negativity or to help me creatively. I've had it since I was young, but only recently re-discovered it in a box about a year ago. Since then, I noticed how it's unique formations could help me and made it a very powerful stone for manifestation.

So why did this happen? Other than the obvious reason of clumsiness. 😕

It is believed that if a stone breaks in you possession, it is because it is finished it's job. You no longer need it. It has served its purpose in your life.

Healing crystals and gems are special and carry their own vibration, when we go shopping for a new stone we should always pick one that we are attracted to on a gut level. This may be hard for some people to understand, but it's important to let intuition guide you when choosing a stone that suits you. This is a pretty good rule of thumb in choosing anything really, but the concept behind it is that the crystal chooses you as much as you choose it.

If a crystal strongly calls to you then it has a purpose for you, it's unique vibrancy will benefit you in some way.

So when a crystal breaks it can mean that its mission is complete, that whatever reason it came to you, whatever issue it helped you with, is gone. Or at least it is manageable on your own. Which is a good thing!

Another reason a crystal may break is because of frequencies. Pay attention to where and when the crystal broke, did it happen on it's own? Were you in an emotional state when it happened? Was there an incident that happened surrounding the crystal that could have shifted the frequency of the room? These factors can affect the vibration of the crystal and cause it to break or shatter unexpectedly. Quartz in particular is an excellent energetic conduit, it is possible that its charge becomes so great that it can shatter seemingly out of the blue

What to do with it after it breaks?

Depending upon the piece, you should leave it alone. If it was a piece of jewelry or an item you carried on you then it needs a break from your energy. It is quite possible that is was your energy or change in frequency that broke it, you could be increasing your personal vibrational level and a sudden emotional spike caused it to break. Either way you should thank the crystal and put it away to rest.

It is a good idea to bury your broken crystal and return it to the Earth.

This way it can be neutralized and re-set. This action also shows deep respect for the crystal by returning back to its birth place. It might be hard to let it go, but it's time to let it rest and move on. You will find other pieces of crystal that will speak to you and will become special for you soon enough.

If it is really something that you do not wish to part with, then I would suggest finding a quiet place to store it way...high on a shelf or in a drawer. Somewhere you can admire it from time to time but do not have much physical contact with.

Have you had a crystal break in your presence?

What was happening at the time it broke?

How were you feeling, how did you react?

What did you do with the broken stone, did you keep it or throw it away? I'd love to hear some thought on this topic!



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