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The ETHICS behind tarot reading.

Tarot readers often get a back rep for being 'fortune tellers' or scammers trying to make a buck off of vulnerable people. And although there are people out there that do this sort of biz, most of the people in the industry are genuine in their abilities and desire to help people.

But with help comes responsibility.

Most people that seek out psychic services are facing real problems, or difficult situations and decision making. They turn to the tarot for guidance and insight into what to do or where to go next. And although not all people who consult the tarot are in dire straights, there still comes a responsibility on account of the reader AND the seeker.

Let me say this loud and clear so those in the back can hear...



Tarot is an excellent tool for divination, and it's true that sometimes it can predict events. But ONLY if you allow a certain path to take place. Tarot looks at your current situation, your mental and emotional state as well as what factors are influencing you. And based off of your influences and direction it can predict an outcome, but only if said situation stays the same. Things change and again.....YOU CONTROL YOUR OWN DESTINY. So, if you get a reading and a prediction comes out, good or bad, you have the ability to affect the resulting outcome.

A good Tarot reader will help you too see what options are in front of you, and how you can achieve a desirable outcome.

Here are a few tips to remember when getting a tarot reading:

🧿 Never get a reading when you are feeling emotionally unstable

🧿 Always centre yourself before the reading: meditate and/or ground yourself.

🧿 When asking a question, be sure to word it in a positive and detailed way: "What actions can I take in order to attract a financially and emotionally fulfilling job offer in ____."

🧿 Don't be afraid to ask questions if you need clarification.

🧿 Never push your reader to pull 'just one more card'. If the answer is no, then it's a no because the channel has closed, pushing will only get you false information. It's OK to ask, but don't push.

🧿 Never inquire to gain inside knowledge about another person, this is un-ethical if the other person is not aware of it. It is OK to ask about relationships and compatibility, but not about another persons life.

🧿 If you book a reading, and it gets rescheduled by the reader, this is not because they don't want to do it or are making excuses. Tarot reading is very energetically draining, and a lot goes into the preparation both mentally and physically in order to channel messages for others. And sometimes either the channel is not open that day OR your reader is not feeling 100%. Psychics and tarot readers need to feel 100% in order to give accurate insights and information.

It's always good to learn a little bit about your reader and their style to know if it's a good 'fit'.

Some are psychic readers, others are intuitive, while others are purely technical in their interpretation of the cards. And this can even go further into the realm of coaching, motivational, and consulting services.

It's important to note that tarot can be FUN, really fun. I might be biased in that opinion since I LOVE reading for others, but it's true. A lot of people fear the tarot, because they are afraid that it will reveal some horrible fate or circumstance. Predicting death or misfortune. There is nothing to fear from a tarot reading, a good reader will never tell you something horrible will happen to you. It is our JOB and responsibility to interpret the cards in a positive and constructive manner. Yes, there are some 'scary' cards in the deck, and no, the Death card does not mean literal death. But there is nothing that the cards will reveal that you cannot handle, they may point out a negative trait, or situation, and they have the uncanny ability to call out bullshit. But thats what we so often need, to be shown the patterns in our lives that are holding us back and offer new ways of seeing the world around us.


About my readings:

I offer intuitive tarot readings online or by phone.

My style of reading is compassionate, motivational and intuitively guided. As a certified tarot coach, I enjoy helping people come up with a plans of action to reach their goals, and eliminate blockages.

I read the cards based off their traditional meanings, but this is affected by the deck I choose to read with, and the situation I am reading for. When I say I read intuitively, this means that I channel messages from my guides (and yours) based off the symbolism that is most relivant and of course, my intuition. I have spent years studying occult philosophies and esoteric traditions in order to better attune myself to divine guidance and knowledge. And I apply this knowledge when I read the tarot.

If your interested in learning more about a reading with me, please don't be shy...send me an email or text!

Brightest blessings, and happy seeking.



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