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Dark Smoky Skeletal Quartz

Dark Smoky Skeletal Quartz


Large smoky skeletal quartz from Riu Du Sol mine in Brazil. Also known as elestial quartz in the metaphysical community for their ability to open the crown chakra and connect to higher dimension and astral beings. 


This specimen is rich in deep smoky tones, with lots of depth and intricasies within the crystal. Well defined cathedral formation, sometimes refered to as crocidile quartz due to the scale like pattern of points on the main face of the stone. 


Skeletal elestials are highly sought after due to their very high energy field. They will rapidly accelerate spiritual growth, open your crown chakra and connect to the root chakra. Place your dominant hand over the main face of this crystal during meditation or spiritual work to access ancient knowledge and connect to angels and spirit guides.

  • Dimensions

    7" x 6" x 3.5"

    2.5 kg

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