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Crystal Elixir Sacred Geometry Water Bottle

Crystal Elixir Sacred Geometry Water Bottle


High quality and versatile, with replaceable natural crystals and thermal jacket for easy and safe transport. Hot or cold liquid container. Beautiful sacred geometry design, archangel Metatron's cube enhances the energetic frequency of the liquid placed in the bottle and further enhanced by the healing crystals. These water bottles are both beautiful and practical. Infuse your water or tea with the properties of crystal healing. Using the indirect method, the crystal are held in a separate compartment, with no direct contact with your water making it safe to use with any crystal. The natural crystal pebbles can be easily removed and replaced with any healing crystal of your choosing, making these bottles very useful and practical. Personalize your crystal elixir with crystals from your personal collection with no fear of toxins, or use the healing crystals provided. 

These beautiful bottles will become your favourite accessory! Makes a perfect gift for any energy conscious person, energy healer, reiki master, yoga and meditation enthusiast. 

They hold 500ml or 2 cups of liquid.

Type of stone
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