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The Shadow of the Fool.

Welcome to Autumn and the turning of the wheel!

Doesn't it feel like as soon as September hit, BOOM it was Fall?! I hate to be a downer, but I am personally very happy for the change of season. It brings a beautifully fresh new energy, autumn is definitely my favorite time of year.

As we enter the dark months, and the Sun gets further away, it is naturally a time for introspection and Shadow work. Even though this year in GENERAL has been a whole lot of Shadow work on so many planetary and karmic levels. It's interesting that in today's cards we have the reappearance of the Moon, which is the ultimate Shadow work indicator in the Tarot.

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3 Card Tarot Reading

Today I shuffled my cards as I looked out into the open sky and these 3 cards flew out. As some of you may know, when this happens it's a big !HELLOOOO!

It's like your deck has something important to share and doesn't care what your inquiry is, it's getting it's message out. I love it when this happens, I find the messages so much more deep and meaningful than one might first want or expect.

The first jumper was the Fool.

Which is spot on I feel for most of us right now. He signifies new beginnings and happenings, hope, adventure, carefree spirit sometimes to a fault. On a Karmic level in the Soul's journey through the major Arcana, the Fool is pure spirit. He is the birth (or rebirth) of the soul, even before being conceptualized. He has much to learn, but he is free of the burdens of the world. He has not yet experienced material or personal attachments, so his judgement is pure, but sometimes naive. He takes the leap of faith without worrying about the consequences.