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8/10/20 - Balance of WILL-POWER

Today's marks the start of a new week, and new energy.

For our daily shuffle and collective insights we have:

2 of Pentacles

7 of Wands

Lots of creative work energy! The combination of Fire and Earth means that the themes for the day are around our work and money making ventures, but also our inner desires and home life.

Balance will be needed today, most likely between our home obligations and our work life. This is something a lot of people struggle with. Either we have a committed focus on our home, or we are a bit of a workaholic. Whichever is you, this is a sign that you many need to find a way to juggle both. In doing so you will achieve a happy balance. By integrating both areas of life, you will continue to grow on your path and in spirit.

There is great creative energy here, lots of strong ideas and inspirations! Today is an excellent day to take an active stance on chasing your goals and developing your plans. Balance is needed between 2 aspects here; your creative drive and your material world.

Be careful not to take too many short cuts. Diligence is needed to get you where you are going. The 7 of wands shows obvious inner strength, we are able to rise above any challenges that present themselves today. There is a lot happening, lots of things to accomplish, it's probably a busy day for most. Keep working at that new venture idea, send out emails or make a call to people who might be able to help you with your vision. Now is a good time to grow your contacts.

Combined with the 2 of Pentacles, is a reminder that you have the talents to juggle many things today. Maybe you will be pulled in multiple directions, but that's ok, go with the flow and you will be successful.

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