Tarot Readings

Image by Bee Felten-Leidel

Hi I'm Sara, Tarot enthusiast, certified coach, and reader.  I'd love to show you how fun and valuable a tool tarot can be!   

Through Tarot's symbols, we are able to identify pattern in our lives and decipher messages the universe holds specifically for us and us alone.  It is such a beautiful tool for self discovery, by using it we are able to get insight into difficult situations, and help us to create a plan for one's future.  For those seeking spiritual counselling, I have set up my tarot coaching program to cater to those seeking more meaning in their lives and how to connect with spirit in simple but profound ways. 

I am an Intuitive and compassionate reader, and I truly believe in the power of the Cards.  We are always in control of our destiny, and although the cards can sometimes predict events, they should never be used to advise in health matters, predict the future, or in any unethical manner. 


I will work with you to develop a question to help you better understand how the Tarot works, and how to approach the cards in order to get the most out of your reading.