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7/10/20 The Dali Tarot - Inner amphibian.

Today I was drawn the the Dali tarot deck, not a surprise since it is my favourite deck.

It's a lot to grasp visually, and I'm not sure if it was meant to be used, or is more of a collectors item. Dali with the help of his wife and muse Gala, who had experience reading the Tarot, made a complete 78 card set including the 22 major Arcana. The illustrations on the cards are a collage of classical Renaissance masterpieces and Dali's own additions of strange figures, dramatic colours and textures that will delight any fan. Dali does change some of the meaning of the cards, but his system still works.

While I was shuffling the deck, the 8 of Wands popped out twice. So I decided to pull the two cards on either side of him. I got; the Knight of Coins (Pentacles) and Justice.

Justice is balance, keeping things even and fair. A highly karmic card. Usually when she appears it means that balance is needed, and we might need to even the scales. In readings about court cases or debates, she is a good sign.

The 8 of Wands has shown it's face a few times this week. And I find that card illustrated by this deck really brings on a new depth to the card. It shows a man going deep into the woods, surrounded by growing branches. He uses one to walk with. Below him is a green frog like figure reaching out to him, although he doesn't seem to notice. The traditional meaning of the card would be progress, keep going, starting to see the fruits of one's labour. But working hard to maintain what you've got going.

The amphibian hiding in the earth is the Animus, that was created by our creative efforts and is now huge. This is what's helping to fuel the machine of our work. And it is calling out to us and edging us on in our efforts.

I don't have much to say about the Knight of Coins lol

He's there, riding high on his horse, waving his flag. He is a beacon of success. But possibly too proud, he could signify travel.

Together these cards show that we are still working hard at those projects, keeping busy with our goals. It could be in our best interest to keep our head down and carry on instead of celebrating too early (K. of Coins). Some aspect of the process could be getting neglected, while others are full attention. Maybe you need to centre and rebalance, weighing the situation and where your time and effort is most needed right now. Instead of following what you think you should be doing, listen to intuition. You don't need to jump on the bandwagon so to speak for fear of letting others down. Now is a time to embrace what YOU need.

Much Love x


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