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Sacra Flora is an online Metaphysical Boutique specializing in intuitive Tarot Coaching Sessions, hand-picked and carefully curated healing crystals, holistic and Intuitive design, floral arrangements and crystal terrariums.

Founded in April 2020 at the height of a pandemic, founder and curator Sara Lowrey decided to make the most out of the situation and officially launch a business 10 years in the making. As a professional Floral designer with 15+ years working as Head Designer, Artistic Director and Manager at well established event and floral shops, she decided it was time to take her vast knowledge and experience and branch out on her own, opening a unique floral and metaphysical boutique. Combining her love of flowers and plants, healing crystals, design, and metaphysical spirituality.

And so, Sacra Flora was born!

Based in Toronto, Canada, the online boutique focuses on hand picked healing crystal specimens, plant spirit medicine, holistic intuitive design, and compassionate Tarot Readings.

Sara is a certified Tarot Coach, and has been reading cards professionally for 7+ years. She is self-taught, and very passionate about the healing power of the Tarot. She experienced it herself, while going through total upheaval in her life 7 years ago. She picked up a deck, and was instantly hooked. It gave her a new life path, and enabled her to work through trauma, letting go of damaging patterns n her life and empowering her to claim her destiny. She studies Tarot based archetypal psychology, and incorporates shadow work into her readings. Her style of reading is motivational and compassionate. Specializing in life path and intuitive readings, her clients are constantly impressed with her ability to identify deep rooted issues, offer ways to clear them, and predict events.

As a Certified Crystal Therapist, Sara's passion and love for crystals is almost an obsession! She only stocks crystals hand picked by her, from local suppliers, ensuring the quality and positive energy of her products.

All precautions are taken when sending you your newest crystal baby, every item is physically and energetically cleaned and charged, ready to be received by you free of unwanted energetic imprints.

As a well respected artistic floral designer, working with flowers and plants on a daily basis, learning how to care for them, and how to honour their unique beauty through artistic design. This experience has given Sara deep connections with the plant kingdom. She works with flower and plant spirits in her unique creations, and seeks to honour the ancient wisdom of plant spirit medicine.

Her Holistic Floral Arrangements combine plants, crystals, and other healing elements to create a unique decor item for the energy conscious client.

About Sacra Flora


Hi I'm Sara, founder of Sacra Flora, certified Tarot coach, C.C.T., Floral designer and entrepreneur.

I started Sacra Flora in 2018 as a tarot reading business and this past May i expanded my shop to include crystal sales and holistic arrangements. As a Certified Crystal Therapist I carefully curated my new collection to include gems for emotional support and energetic cleansing. Although I have been 'in business' for 2 years now, i have been reading tarot for 7+ years semi- professionally.
You could say I'm a weeee bit obsessed with the tarot, I read and study it extensively in my free time. Attending tarot marathons, taking in depth classes (I am a certified Tarot Coach) and being a member of my local tarot community.  I offer free collective reading on my Instagram page @sacra.flora

I am currently working on shadow techniques and motivational coaching through the Tarot, and aim to bring archetypal psychology into my readings. I am studying Shadow Mastery and Jungian archetypes, I believe it's crucial to integrate shadow into our lives in order to live a full life. The arcane teachings of the tarot is a powerful tool for self discovery and connecting to the deep wisdom of the collective consciousness with the power to enrich our lives. Through an intuitive tarot reading, we are able to see patterns and obstacles in our lives, and positively address them for a more balanced life.
I approach the tarot as a tool for self development. I discovered the Tarot during a very difficult time in my life, moving away from an abusive relationship, having no permanent home, dealing with borderline poverty. Tarot empowered me, and helped me to reconnect with my true self.
And through this process i was able to achieve my dreams including clearing past trauma,meeting my soulmate, traveling to Europe, living in a beautiful home, and opening my business.
I am an intuitive, clairvoyant, and clairsentient.  I use my gifts to offer compassionate, motivational and archetypal intuitive tarot reading.


I have studied spiritual metaphysics and occult topics for most of my life.
I have had many paranormal experiences, and these happen regularly for me. I have many spirit guides who watch over me, they have become a part of my daily life.
I am a naturally born eclectic Witch, I celebrate the ebb and flow of our Earth Sun Moon and Stars. I am not Wiccan, I do not fit into a box, I believe in the darkness as much as the light. 

As a Master Floral Designer by trade with almost 20 years experience, I have designed for celebrities and the silver screen. Working with flowers and plants on a daily basis, learning how to care for them, and how to honour their unique beauty through artistic design.

This experience has given me deep connections with the plant kingdom. I can feel the energy from a plant or flower. I work with flower and plant spirits in my creations, and seek to honour the ancient wisdom of plant spirit medicine. I recently launched my Holistic Floral Arrangements, this is a dream come true for me....combining plants, crystals, and other healing elements to create a unique decor item for the energy conscious client.
I live in Toronto Canada with my 2 cats 1 dog and loving partner.


Many of my clients who seek out my services have never had their cards read before, and I am always honoured when a new client comes to me for their first reading. 


I offer a compassionate ear, and a straightforward approach. My style is intuitive and motivational, I listen to the inquiry and aim to go deep into the issue at hand.  Because I am a certified coach, my readings are no-nonsense.  I am not a fortune teller, I will not predict when that letter will arrive.  However, because I am an intuitive, sometimes predictions come through as a clear message.  My strength lies in my ability to analyze the current situation. To get to the real issue at hand, and come up with a plan of action. 

If you'd like to learn more please email me at: 

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